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These events welcome all TKD competitors regardless of version or societal membership, except where noted with special restrictions. For more information, contact the identified Host/source. Olympic TKD derived from World TKD Federation (WTF) rules. Events marked specifically KKW / WTF / Olympic / ITF / WTTU require as a rule approved uniforms, equipment & dress for officials. *Any TKD Forms = must be recognized (ITF, Kukkiwon, WTTU, etc). All information provided as a public service, to be used at the risk of the user.  We neither recommend nor endorse events outside our BC TKD Association schools except where noted.  Webmaster

* Our Equipment: Your BC Taekwondo Association has long since purchased an Olympic set (144 pieces) of  TKD puzzle mats (1x1meter) & Olympic ringmaster scoring controls/software. This equipment is available to all BCTA clubs for event use. Conditions and or security will likely apply. Secure shipping, storage to event and back again is the concern/cost of the applicant. For information please contact our Secretary.

*Sanctioned means: (official approval, insurance valid)
1. Primary BC TKD Association mandate is met in granting event access to any member regardless of TKD style.
2. Adequate safety measures in place, 1st Aid, competent skill levels/training for technicians and administration.
3. BC TKD Association 12"x12" color logos in clear public display on site.
4. BC TKD Association text & logos conspicuous on event brochures.
5. "Official Sanctioned event registration & waiver" (pdf) used.
   (Host may add additional apps & brochures, but this document is now mandatory for sanctioned events
6. Additional official documents (pdf): Spar Tree, Forms Tree, Judge Summary, Match Summary

7. BCTA Executive informed of event and confirmation of sanction criterion.

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