WTF Canada Policy Draft May 13, 2005

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Hi Dan,

Thank you for forwarding the info to me. What can I say...I am fully against the implementation of this 'Control' document. Everything in the document is about placing people in an oppressive state of being, by enacting a control over all aspects of Taekwondo. I believe that passing of this document will set Taekwondo in Canada even further back. I am appalled by it. It is truly self-serving for a few power-hungry controlling individuals in Canadian Taekwondo. Although this Policy Manual may seem like an excellent idea on the outside, it is full of traps and control mechanisms that are implemented to control who is involved in Taekwondo in the future years.

Although, we are not on the B of D within TKD Canada, and we cannot vote on it, I believe a strong petition would be affective in getting Sport Canada and the COC to look at it. I would be happy to discuss this with you by phone or in person.

Looking forward to your reply.


FYI... thought you'd find this interesting...

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To the point some thoughts on the WTF Can. Draft:

*** MINE (abbreviated in not further duplicating Mr. Hanson and Mr. Smith below )

Grandfathering: This draft is introduced almost half way through 2005, unratified. Why start Grandfathering prior to 2005? Why not at the time this document sees approval??

It gives me more than a little cause to shiver that the right to operate one's own school from 4th Dan was overlooked in this draft. This has been a fundamental from Kukkiwon since it's inception. Wording from the next level should also have been included "Recognized by Taekwondo Canada as having the skills, training, knowledge and experience necessary to own, operate or
manage a Taekwondo facility or program as a primary occupation."

No one, especially myself, expects to ride for free,  so why can't we just pay the 'foreigner' rate at the gate?

There is a lot of emotion in this for many of us. Just one block from me, as I type, your WTF of Canada is holding their "Instructors'" program at the Sheraton, Surrey. I was not invited (nor any KKW member of our association), nor would I have been eligible according to current WTF Can/BC bylaws. No courtesy call, no olive branch, no simple gesture has yet been made nor returned to bring us together. Just more fuel for creating a further distance between us. In fact I believe I/We was/were
intentionally excluded as part of the 'control' master plan.

Even if I did attend this event how could I possibly expect impartial, objective treatment, especially looking at the list of people leading the classes and sermons. Pretty much all of these people have a history of hostility towards me/us and little has changed in the current sense, regardless of what they say as press release, or smiles for the camera, their true feelings are commonly given back to me by their turned backs or nasty comments and fabrications passed along by unofficial intermediaries.

The past 15 years, especially the past 11, have taught me objectivity and impartiality are not historical strong suits for the BC WTF and now their #1 guy is President of WTF Canada.

Would I "officially" know about any of this if not for the info 'underground'' ? It would take little effort for WTF Can. to obtain a mailing list of Canadian Kukkiwon registered practitioners, sending them an invitation or posting to some major newspapers or even at a minimum, posting a notice at their own website inviting shutouts  "in from the cold".

After so many years of abuse, lip service and broken promises, trust is hard to come by.  I have dreamed many times of welcoming educational classes for the TKD masses, operating in the same veins as other institutions, feeling welcome as a valued member. I want to believe, but little physical evidence is materializing.

*** THOUGHTS from Master Michael Smith (school owner):

The policies proposed by the national body are not acceptable as stated.
My chief objections are as follows;

a)  Instructor's academy (mandatory). This proposed body is unnecessary.  The Kukkiwon recognizes fourth Dan as independent instructor level. Do we accept the Kukkiwon as the ultimate authority or not?
    The seminars are horribly expensive, and probably a waste of money. Many independent schools have operated successfully for many years.  We know our students, we have our own philosophies and histories.  Now we have  to pay a bundle to have someone teach us how to teach?  My instructors have spent the last thirty years doing just that, thank you. If I require further
advice or enlightenment, I'll talk to my instructor again. Imagine the costs to a small school from an isolated area. Does the instructor take time off their regular job and incur the horrific expense of flying to and staying in the nearest large urban area?  Or do they pay huge sums to fly someone in and put them up?

b)  Kukkiwon certification.  Unless and until Canada is granted Class one status, this policy is unnecessary, and premature.  TKD Canada should show proof that Canada is on the short list, about to achieve this status in the near future.  Anything else is conjecture.  And I'd like to see an ironclad fee structure on paper in advance.

c)  Promotion test committee.  What exactly is the real purpose of this committee?  The policy states that a committee member must be in attendance for Dan testing.  It pointedly does not spell out whether or not the committee member has any say in the test results.  If the school instructor and the committee member disagree about the merits of a black belt candidate, whose opinion shall hold sway? If the instructor does not make the final decision, then they have been stripped of the authority which had
been theirs.  Why have the instructor there at all?  If on the other hand the instructor can make the call on their own, what use is it to have the committee member there?  It is just another huge, pointless financial burden for the school.

    Under the subsection entitled "Quorum" it states that the chair of the committee is entitled to call all meetings, and must be present for such. It then adds that the quorum shall consist of "those officers present at the meeting". In effect, this means that the chair can run the entire show single handily.  This is unacceptable for any kind of organization with such powers.

   Clearly we are unable to have much effect on WTF Canada unless we achieve full PSO status.  That goal just took a quantum leap up the scale in importance. Let's not deviate from that path to concentrate on what MIGHT be coming down the pike just yet.

   The whole structure outlined in this document is typical of the rigid, hierarchal management structure that many of us find antiquated, inefficient, undemocratic and repugnant.  The punitive measures for non-compliance are the perfect method to stunt the development of Taekwondo in this country.  The proposed financial obligations are little more than a head tax on people who already make precious little money from teaching.

  I would be astonished if the other provinces don't balk at this proposal. Especially those who have so recently won some measure of independence and democracy.

   So what should our response be as a society?  Obviously the documentation is not yet complete.  Once it is, we should go over it with a fine tooth comb looking for anything with which we disagree.  That ought to include a good part of the whole thing. Then we should compile a list of grievances, and a parallel list of alternatives.  This should be forwarded to WTF Canada.  They are asking for input, so let's provide some.

   It can't be an error or coincidence that these sections were released first.  This document surely illuminates the intent of the national body to bring EVERYONE to heel. Imperial presumption, and thoroughly distasteful it is, too.

   Man, I just can't wait to hear the steam blowing out of peoples' ears over this...

Michael Smith
Vice-President, BC Taekwondo Association

The recent news out of WTF Canada has certainly complicated our already delicate situation vis--vis WTF BC.  One positive note in all this: despite the wording in the circulated document, apparently WTF Canada is ready to recognize fourth Dan holders as independent instructors.  Kind of cuts the legs out from under the provincial body who insist on sixth Dan.

There are some theoretical situations that I'd love to hear more about. Let's say that someone takes the proposed national instructor course at fourth or fifth Dan. Will the provincial body have to recognize this instructor and allow his or her students access to Provincial tournaments? Even if the instructor isn't a member of WTF BC?  Even if (Oh, the horror) they belong to OUR Association?

There is a substantial potential for conflict between the federal and provincial bodies over issues like this. After all, there is money and prestige at stake here.  The supply of each is not unlimited, and both parties want it.

Michael Smith
Vice-President, BC Taekwondo Association

*** THOUGHTS from Mike Hanson (BCTA Director, past WTF BC Director, past WTF Canada National Champion):

The question that keeps coming to my mind is why is a sport governing body attempting to be a business controlling body?  I can't think of other sport governing bodies that dictate how businesses/clubs/schools develop or are run. If you look at their table of contents you see "management policies, sport policies, finance & admin policies" (although none are attached). In those area's I would understand a national body exerting control in order to provide a common and understood playing field for all competitors. The entire "martial arts policy" does not belong.

We use to be a competitive country in TKD. That has long since passed. I cannot connect see how achieving a class one status will improve the sport in this country.

If this is where the effort of the national group has been focused, then it pretty clearly demonstrates how little has changed at the national level. I personally believe that the only real response is a complete rejection of section 4.  It's intent & purpose is to once again exclude not include, and does not relate to the sport at all.


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Pointed out by one emailer is a problem in one part I overlooked regarding the Level 3 instructor under rights and obligations.  They have the right to maintain an independent school and should not be required to be "overlooked" or "Sponsored" by a higher instructor. This will need to be changed.

There has never been a right of access to TKD CDA in the past.  If this document was in place no one could have ever been able to exclude you and you school.  Those that find themselves without an instructor due to business or personal differences have the right to Kukkiwon advancement through access to the Promotions Testing Committee.

If you are not a CAA member you can't expect a tow from them.  If you don't support TKD CDA through Kukkiwon applications (which are cheaper than through Kukkiwon by 10%) then I don't believe you should have the right to expect access to their programs.  A school can still remain independent and outside the system and choose not to get involved.  Lets face it the
majority of average students will never want or need access to TKD CDA programs.  Individuals can apply and have their Kukkiwons registered with TKD CDA without going through their instructor.

If you choose to continue to sit on the outside looking in and giving your only advice as blanket dismissal then that is probably where you will remain.  Like the system or not I decided a long time ago to work with it from the inside and move through reform a baby step at a time.


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I was flabbergasted when I read this 'thing'. I really don't where to start... My god... what mega monopoly ~ Dan

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Dear Instructors:

This is for your information.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me to clarify the intent of this Martial Arts Policy for Taekwondo Canada

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Subject: Draft Martial Arts Policy for BoD meeting
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Dear Taekwondo Canada members:

Attached is a copy of the proposed Martial Arts Policy that will be tabled
at the Board of Directors Meeting.  Please feel free to voice any advice or
concerns to me before the meeting in order to clarify the intent of the
policy.  Please forward this draft to your own members for their input.

Appendix C " rules regarding the competition" will yet have to be revised
once the pilot Hanmadang tournament has been completed.  This portion is
only included as a reference for the future.

Master Mitchell, Secretary General
Taekwondo Canada