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New Applicants
> Checklist

  1. Print and complete the Application for School Membership accurately and in full.
  2. Attach a copy of the Instructor's current Tae Kwon Do Black Belt certification for verification.
  3. Attach any relevant, supporting documentation (Proof of insurance, NCCP, Referee, First Aid, background declaration, etc). Please ensure your documents are clear and legible (often smeared fax submissions or poorly hand written applications arrive unreadable delaying approval).
  4. Attach the $50 application fee.
  5. Send the complete package to our current mailing address.
  6. Attend at your local RCMP detachment and fill out a new Criminal Background Check document. It must be sent directly to our mailing address.   Every new applicant, without exception must fulfill this item, past background checks are not accepted.

> Additional Info Following Your Application

  • Expect several weeks for approval. We need to receive the RCMP report and verify rank at the source.
  • If you are not acquiring insurance through our Association you must show proof your school has insurance, currently in place and meeting BC Taekwondo Association standards.
  • If you are acquiring insurance through our Association it will be based primarily on your membership numbers. Our Secretary/Treasurer will advise you and expect your remittance before approval.
  • $1 for each of your students, must be remitted as member association fee.
  • Once approved, your BC Taekwondo Association Member School certificate and annual package will be mailed.
  • Applications are processed solely by our Secretary.
  • Applicant must hold minimum first Dan Black Belt

Annual renewals: $10 per school and $1 for each of your students. These fees are due January 1, please pay them promptly. Fees unpaid by February will leave a School "Not in good standing". Penalties may be levied for delinquent accounts.
* All application information is confidential.

If your RCMP Background Document shows or you declare a history, in addition to your Criminal Background Check, you must also provide a "Certified Criminal Record Check". The RCMP Civil Fingerprint Screening Services provide certified results.

  1. Go to your local RCMP station and get the fingerprint form C-216C.
  2. Provide your fingerprints. There may be a fee.
  3. Complete the fingerprint form.
  4. Give the reason for application "Application to BC TKD Association".
  5. If you are applying for landed immigrant status or immigration to Canada, enter the name and address of the Canadian immigration center or embassy. If you have an immigration file number, write it below the address.
  6. Give your full name and date of birth.
  7. Check that the official taking your fingerprints has recorded the information accurately.
  8. Get a certified cheque or money order for the appropriate processing fee, made payable to the Receiver General for Canada. (Not all requests require a fee.)
  9. Send your request to: RCMP, Civil Fingerprint Screening Services, Box 8885, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3M
  10. Wait at least 60 days for your request to be processed. If you have questions, call 1-613-998-6362 (long-distance charges will apply).

Identifying  Website Ownership

Sometimes it may be of interest to research a website's ownership or necessary if contact information is incomplete. The links below will take you to several "Whois" websites with search directories to assist you. Several because the end extension of the web address dictates it's use and consequently is managed by different services. Some search engines give considerably more information then others as well.
(Examples: .ca ~ country code Canada (citizen only), .org ~ non-profit organization, .com ~ merchant)
TuCows - General Access - Canadian websites
Whois  - General access
Internic - Big Kahuna
UWhois - Pretty much everything
BetterWhois - Ditto

Choosing A School

          The BC Taekwondo Association has high standards for applicants, however we do not dictate business practice nor skill
          levels or methods. It is important when choosing a prospective school you cross reference heavily. Shop around! Do not
          sign legal binding, long term agreements without benefit of capable council. Some helpful links appear below.