Gay & Lesbian Athletes Association
May 12, 2005

I am writing on behalf of the Gay & Lesbian Athletes Association (GLAA).

We are a charitable organization based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our mandate, in part, is to help athletes affected by homophobia through counseling and support groups. We provide resources, information, and support to individuals who may be experiencing discrimination and stigma due to their sexual orientation.

We have designed a program to help gay & lesbian athletes overcome the unique challenges of being gay & lesbian in sport and to enable people to participate fully in the sport community. Our three resources are: a peer support program guide, a resource guide, and a workbook of action guides.

The peer support program matches volunteer mentors with people who want help working through the challenges of being gay or lesbian in sport.

Initial contact will be through an existing toll free line and emails between the counselor and the athlete.

The resource guide lists agencies, groups and organizations that provide support to gay and lesbian athletes on a range of issues.

The action guides are designed to provide guidance for parents, athletic directors, coaches, and athletes in making a sports environment more accepting for gay and lesbian athletes.

We would like to invite the BC Taekwondo Association to participate in this program to help athletes, coaches, athletic directors, parents, volunteers, and others in the organization. There is no cost or charge to participating in these programs or using these materials. These resources will be of tremendous help to those who are affected by discrimination arising from their sexual orientation. We would also like to invite anyone in the taekwondo community to participate in counseling or mentoring if desired, again at no charge.

Thank you.


Connie Sung
Outreach Assistant
Gay & Lesbian Athletes Association