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Mandate and Mission     
An 'umbrella' group, The BC Taekwondo  Association welcomes and recognizes all Tae Kwon Do styles associated with authentic Tae Kwon Do organizations. The BC Taekwondo Association is a not for profit, legal entity, registered, responsible and duly accountable under the Society Act and laws of British Columbia, Canada. Membership requires high standards, with external accountability. Schools and instructors sanctioned by the BC Taekwondo Association are recognized by registered national and international associations in good standing. Every school applicant must disclose any history which may include conviction of a criminal offense or similar record. Schools and events must be insured (meeting our standard) . A primary value of this society is operating with direct respect for the needs and rights of Canadian citizens of British Columbia in concert with our Provincial Government and in willing accordance with the laws of this land. Each individual member 15 years of age and older has a voting right. We seek to promote the complete depth and width of this wonderful martial art as a fulfilling lifestyle activity in equal opportunity for all British Columbians.

Karate BC has proven the possibility and success of co-operation. Today they have thousands of members and full block funding. They hold many competitions including a Provincial where all are welcome, regardless of style version. Respective styles retain their own identities and distinction, coming together in competition under a common set of rules. Their Societal Officers and committees are a true reflection of their membership. Another established and successful body that closely resembles our Society is the USA Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). The BC Taekwondo Association will not infringe on any TKD style's internal methods, promotion or organized event. Members may belong to societies besides ours.

The purposes of this society are To promote the principles and philosophy of  Tae Kwon Do throughout British Columbia as an impartial, equal, and welcome opportunity for any citizen wishing to study the whole Martial Art and sport.

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101-32885 Ventura Ave.
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 6A3

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Officers 2013-14

Master Darryl Mitchell
Ph. 604-202-8198

Mr. Albert Labossiere

Master Daniel Witt
Past President - 2007
Ph. 604-818-7859




Master Michael Smith
Past President - 2014





Master Michael Hanson
Past President - 1997

15th Annual General Meeting November 22, 2009

Left - Right
Master Daniel Witt, Master Michael Smith, Master Christopher Halliwell,
Master Darryl Mitchell,  Master James Witt, Mr. Albert

President ~ Master Michael Smith

Vice President ~
Mr. Albert Labossiere
Treasurer/Secretary ~ Master Darryl Mitchell
Director ~ Master Christopher Halliwell
Director/Past President ~ Master Daniel Witt

14th Annual General Meeting November 23, 2008

Left - Right
Master Michael Smith, Master Darryl Mitchell, Master Daniel Witt, Master James Witt, Master Dan Zaleski (new Zone Rep),
Master Christopher Halliwell, Mr. Albert
Labossiere, Master Scott Karpiuk, Mr. David Lister

AGM October 27, 2007
( 2 Year Terms )
President ~ Master Michael Smith
Vice President ~
Mr. Albert Labossiere (move)
Treasurer ~ Master Darryl Mitchell
Secretary ~ Master Christopher Halliwell
Director/Past President ~ Master Daniel Witt
Appointments ~ Zone Reps
Mr. David Lister
Mr. David Bennett
Best turnout ever, representation from ITF, WTTU & Kukkiwon styles


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