Editorial Submitted by Mr. Michael Smith (1st V.President-Westside TKD-Westbank/Kelowna)
After being away for 10 days on holidays, it was quite a sight to see as we were driving home on the Connector & approaching Peachland.  Fire's visible 5 minutes up the road from our place, but fortunately on the other side of the lake from Peachland & Westbank; looked like hell on earth.  Spent most of Saturday afternoon & evening watching the fire from the beach (instead of unpacking).  Smoke is very bad.  Have to keep the windows closed at all times when blowing in our direction.  A picture says a thousand words, so here's a bunch.  Some pretty spectacular ones I  think. Exciting, sad, scary & beautiful...

Mushroom cloud in the distance looks like an atomic bomb has been dropped. A water bomber from Quebec 3 Water Bombers: One scooping from the lake, two on approach. Obviously taken by another pilot. Taken from the marina in Peachland. Cenotaph in Peachland in foreground; looks like a war zone. What you don't want to see from your front door. As night falls & the fire grows, it makes for dramatic photos.Taken from the highway going into Peachland. Lights of Kelowna on lower left.  Although the camera shows the moon as being white, it was actually red. Strong winds give added life to the fire. Fire burns right down to the shoreline. Flames, hundreds of feet high at times. Peachland in the foreground.
BertW01.jpg DianeSutcliffe01.jpg DianeSutcliffe02.jpg DianeSutcliffe03.jpg DianeSutcliffe03a.jpg
DonMcPhail03.jpg DonMcPhail05.jpg DonMcPhail08.jpg DonMcPhail09.jpg DonMcPhail12.jpg
DonMcPhail14.jpg DougFaulkner01.jpg ErnieHurd02.jpg JasonBloomfield07.jpg JasonPettyJohn03.jpg
JasonPettyJohn04.jpg JasonPettyJohn08.jpg JoeWingham01.jpg MarkTayler03.jpg PhilMaranda01.jpg
PhilMaranda02.jpg PhilMaranda03.jpg PhilMaranda04.jpg PhilMaranda05.jpg PhilMaranda06.jpg
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