11th Annual WTTU Regional Championships
The 11th annual World Traditional Tae kwon do Union (WTTU) Regional championships was held at Capilano College Sportsplex on Feb.14, 2004. Member schools of the WTTU and ATA (American Taekwondo Association) attended from all over the Pacific Northwest. Participants competed in forms, sparring and weapons competitions. Songahm style, the parent body of WTTU and ATA has their own forms and competition method. Their headquarters is in Little Rock, Arkansas. with a claimed membership of over 300,000 members, 1500 schools, 500 of those clubs in Korea. Special guest, Grandmaster Soon Ho Lee, ninth degree black belt from Orlando, Fla., and president of the ATA and WTTU, was in attendance. At the invitation of Ms. Hallie Fraser, of W.T.T.U. Black Belt Academy & Karate For Kids, North Vancouver , Mr. Robert Verones a Director of the BC Taekwondo Association was in attendance. Competitor turnout for the day was around 500. Mr. Verones said the event was well executed and participants looked like they had a great time.

M.Fraser & Mr.Verones Matrix style demo