Acquiring Societal Bylaws


For British Columbia
1.Quick, higher cost way...  West Coast Title search
1.800.667.7767, give them your request. They'll take your Visa number over the phone, then fax you a hard copy almost immediately, followed by a mail out hard copy in a few days.

2.Slower, cheaper way...

You can obtain this information from BC Corporate Search Unit.  There is a charge for this service.  It is $10.00 for a search fee plus $.50 cents per page for copying.  Fees must be payable in advance of the service being provided.  If you contact the Corporate Search Unit they will be able to pull the file and advise you the costs that would be required.  You can contact them via a direct line from Vancouver at (604) 775-1040.

BC Gov. contacts
Sherrilyn Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Corporate and Personal Property Registries
Phone:  250 356-8661     Fax:  250 356-9422

Debbie Turner
Administrator, Name Reservations
Partnerships & Search Unit
Phone 250 356-7716

Search Section at 250 387-5101

Mailing address is
Ministry of Finance Corporate and Personal Property Registry
PO Box 9431 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W9V3

Information on federally incorporated societies can be obtained by contacting the Corporations Directorate field office in Vancouver at 604-666-9875.