The official newsletter of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Inside Coaching will keep you informed of NCCP activities and provide you with a regular snapshot of the ongoing progress in the transition of the NCCP to a competency-based system.

Please distribute this newsletter to your provincial and territorial partners in coach education and training.


The NCCP Progress Report brings you up-to-date on recent or upcoming activities pertaining to the overall transition of the NCCP to a competency-based system. To find out more on one of the following topics, click here.
  1. Understanding How the Multi-sport Modules Fit into the Training of Competition – Introduction Coaches
  2. NCCP Evaluation Toolkit Feedback Session with National Sport Federations
  3. Integration in the Competition – Introduction Context
  4. Database Set-up for NSFs
  5. NCCP Coaching Card Survey


To find out more about coach education and training in your province or territory, click here.

NSF Transition Statistics

Find out how NSFs are progressing through the transition. How many sports have completed their Participant Development Model (PDM) and Coach Development Model (CDM)? How many sports are developing materials for the Community Sport – Initiation context? Click here for more details.


Water Polo Canada and Triathlon Canada Conduct Competition – Introduction LF Training

Find out what Water Polo Canada and Triathlon Canada are doing as they work towards integrating the new multi-sport modules into their Competition – Introduction workshops. Click here for more details.

Rugby Canada Launches Community Sport – Initiation

“This coach education workshop is a one-stop shop for community coaches” commented Rugby Canada coaching chair Peter Pacey. Rugby Canada believes that this workshop will be instrumental in the development of grassroots rugby across the country. Click here for more details.


The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has developed a comprehensive communications strategy to facilitate the launch of the Competition – Introduction modules and to inform partners and the public about the exciting changes to the NCCP. To find out about the strategies and tools that have been developed, click here.


To find out which consultant is working with your sport, click here.


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