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A Modern History of Taekwondo

Grandfathering Offer Deadline March 31, 2007

02.13.2006 WTF Problems again....


Your thoughts on this  May 15 2005 WTF CANADA Proposal?
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KIM, UN YONG Back in the news, Sentencing set

NEW WTF PREZ Choue Chung-Won

New WTF potential elecs

New President of Kukkiwon
Grandmaster  Uhm, Woon Kyu
Born December 23, 1929
Entering Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan, March 1946
Promoted 9th Dan Taekwondo, April 1975

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Japan TKD Woes
Okamoto caught up in Taekwondo feud ~ Yomiuri Shimbun
Sydney Olympic taekwondo bronze medalist Yoriko Okamoto could miss out on a chance to compete in Athens because of a feud between competing national federations. The Japan Olympic Committee on Friday warned the two federations competing for control of the sport to settle their differences and combine, or risk missing out on the Athens Olympics. The All-Japan Taekwondo Association and the Japan Taekwondo Union have been ordered to integrate by March 31, the end of the fiscal year. Caught in the crossfire is Okamoto, the bronze medalist in Sydney in the 67-kilogram class. She is the only Japanese to have qualified for Athens
- WTF Canada New Executive appointed~ G.Master Kee Seung Ha - President, Master Robert White - V.President, Master Wayne Mitchell - S. General
03.01.2004 - Dr. Cha Sok Park has resigned as the President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union
02.29.2004 - 2 Canadian TKD Women qualify for 2004 Olympics, Ivett Gonda - BC, Dominique Bosshart - Manitoba
02.25.2004 - South and North Koreas said they will march together during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece
02.15.2004 - WTF ~ 1st change of President in 30 YEARS!!! ~ ITF President, Sun Jae Park (Italian Taekwondo Federation) was unanimously elected Acting President of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) in a meeting of the WTF Executive Council held at the Radisson Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand today
02.05.2004 - Bob Gambardella was picked Wednesday as chief executive of the U.S. Taekwondo Union
02.03.2004 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Rogge has received Ung Chang, IOC member and President of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) last week
01.31.2004 - ETU Calls For Changing of the WTF Statutes and Elections of The President and the Ex. Co. in a Democratic Way

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01.27.2004 - Two Koreas Agree to Joint March for Athens Olympics
08.27.2003 - Agreement Was Signed By ITF And WTF
20.2003 - ITF and WTF Formed A Coordination Committee
05.26.2003 - Mr. Chang Ung will Come to South Korea
05.03.2003 - G.M. Rhee´s International Instructor Seminar (photos)
02.21.2003 - Dr. Un Yong Kim will Visit North Korea
02.18.2003 - An Article in Taekwondo Times
02.17.2003 - GAISF Appointed Mr. Chang Ung as the President of the Martial Art Commission -
12.20.2002 - ITF Instructors held a Seminar in South Korea
11.26.2002 - Mr. Chang Ung met Dr. Un Yong Kim in USA
10.25.2002 - North Korean Taekwon-Do has displayed kicking techniques for unifying
09.14.2002 - South Korea Taekwondo Delegation arrived Pyongyang
09.09.2002 - North welcomes a South Taekwondo Delegation
08.17.2002 - Chang Ung will meet Un Yong KIM
06.22.2002 - Expanding Cooperation of Taekwon-Do between North and South
05.24.2002 - A meeting of Taekwon-Do will be held between North and South

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