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WTF Canada Officials Quit  Posted January  19, 2004

Ken Chung: Posted from: LadyTKD on Wednesday, January 14, 2004 - 08:35 AM
Does everyone remember Ken Chung, the Canadian president for whom Sang Lee used our Junior Olympics to stump for PATU President?

It is official - Ken Chung has resigned. No o­ne knows why, but o­ne could speculate that it may have to do with all the turmoil in the WTF today, as well as those speculations that Sang Lee is considering withdrawing his support of Ken Chung for PATU president and Sang Lee plans to run himself.

Interesting timing.

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John Kim, son of Kim Un-yong released after 7 months custody
12.23.2003 - The son of the IOC vice-president Kim Un-Yong - John Kim said in an interview with The Associated Press that prosecutors in his homeland had investigated him on suspicion of illegally receiving more than one billion Korean won (US$837,000) from an official of the Korea Taekwondo Association, which his father had chaired until last year. Kim said he was innocent and that the investigators found no wrong doing. Kim said US$200,000 of the money was an investment his friends made in a company that he owned, and the rest of the money he earned from selling a piece of land. Kim also said that a recent police raid at his father's office in South Korea, which reportedly uncovered US$1.5 million worth of foreign currency stashed in his private safe, was "politically motivated". "We are not minors. I am 44 years old, I have run companies since I was 32 years-old, I have real estate, I have buildings, I have homes," Kim said. "What? Do I have to be penniless? Many people have many millions of bucks in a safe deposit box."

A week ago, a Bulgarian court released Kim from custody, where he had spent the past 7 months, pending extradition to the US, where he had been indicted in connection with the Salt Lake City Olympic bribery scandal. The court in Sofia dismissed the extradition case last Wednesday after US prosecutors dropped the charges against Kim. Kim said he considered the US allegations against him unfounded and his arrest in Bulgaria illegal. He said he was still considering plans to sue the US in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and Bulgaria in the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France, to clear his name.

KTA Officials Indicted
 Posted December 5, 2003
Taekwondo Association Officials Indicted
The Seoul District Prosecutor's Office on Friday indicted Koo Cheon-seo,
president of the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), on charges of obstructing his rival in the election campaign last year for the top post of the taekwondo-governing body in South Korea. The 53-year-old Koo is accused of mobilizing gangsters to prevent supporters for the other side from participating in the vote on Feb. 5 and paying bribes to high-ranking KTA officials. Nine others have also been indicted for disturbing the election process. Prosecutors said Koo had won all votes from 17 delegates, but other
eligible voters could not enter the polling place at a hotel in Seoul because around 300 gangsters were blocking the door. Koo was to serve the remaining three years of Kim Un-yong's term after the former president himself was forced to step down in the face of growing dispute within local taekwondo circles. Kim resigned in November 2001 to settle the conflicts that surfaced at April's qualifying tournament for the national taekwondo team. At the time, a large number of competitors and coaches raised concern that Kim's relatives were among the operational staff and gave favored treatment to certain competitors. The KTA had been locked in internal strife over its presidency since Kim's resignation. Ahead of the vote, there was a struggle between reformists and gang-related KTA officials.
The Korea Times ~

AND.... at the BBC News...
S Korea Taekwondo chief held
The head of South Korea's Taekwondo Association has been arrested on charges of rigging his election in February last year, and bribing fellow officials. Prosecutors have indicted Koo Chun-seo, accusing him of using 300 "gangsters and taekwondo experts" to stop rivals attending the vote. Mr Koo was unanimously elected chairman of the martial arts association by the 17
delegates who were able to attend. He was also accused of paying over $20,000 to two association officials ahead of the vote. Mr Koo was arrested and charged along with Lee Seng-wan, an adviser to the association, who was once in prison for organising the disruption of an opposition political rally in 1987. The South Korean Taekwondo Association has been dogged by scandal in recent years. Mr Koo, a former South Korean MP, took over after his predecessor, Kim Un-yong, was forced out after three decades in the job, over allegations of corruption. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport which originated on the Korean peninsula. The South Korean army uses it to train soldiers, and parents send their children to classes, believing that it is a character-building exercise which teaches discipline and patriotism.

New Zealand WTF Suspended
11.21.2003 - The New Zealand TKD Federation (NZTF) which was suspended as a member of the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) on Nov 10, 1999, is still recognized by WTF (the WTF official site mentions NZTF as a WTF member organization). The reason of suspending the NZTF was that TKD had been split in two by a bitter dispute between the New Zealand TKD Federation (NZTF) and the TKD Union of New Zealand (TUNZ), who both claim they represent the majority of participants in the sport in this country. Both organizations state they share the goal of a unified TKD and had agreed to the NZOC taking the role of an independent facilitator to help bring this to fruition. Unfortunately the NZTF has withdrawn from this agreement, leaving the NZOC with little option but to suspend them. Kum Hong Lee, Secretary General of the WTF wrote to the NZOC in August 1999 stating, "we would like to make it clear herewith that the WTF will respect any decision to be made by your National Olympic Committee for re-unification of TKD based upon the WTF Rules and Regulations." However, in contrary to that letter WTF still recognizes NZTF (See WTf Official web site - members). Similarly the IOC stated in correspondence in that, "we believe that the NZOC has as a valid action, the option to suspend the National Federation for TKD until a suitable solution can be determined with all parties involved."
John Kim, son of Kim Un-Yong in hot water
11.19.2003 - A New Jersey businessman testified Tuesday that he received a $20,000 contract for Olympic consulting duties he never performed, then paid the same amount to a Salt Lake businessman who hired the son of an influential International Olympic Committee delegate. Korean immigrant Ted S. Kang, owner of New Jersey company said that after he got the bid money, he wrote a $20,000 check to Salt Lake telecommunications executive David Simmons, who earlier testified it was one of a series of disguised reimbursements he got for hiring John Kim, son of IOC vice president Kim Un-yong of South Korea.
Lelli said Simmons "made up" a job for Kim so he could qualify for a green card and permanent U.S. residency. The government contends it was a way Welch could sway Kim Un-yong, who still is an influential IOC official.
The Daily Herald

United States Taekwondo Union (WTF) Faces Expulsion
Posted October 12, 2003